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Welcome to Grinling Bengals

We are Liz and Ann, and we started breeding Bengal cats together in 2000. Our prefix, Grinling, is chosen from Brian Froud's book 'Good Faeries, Bad Faeries', and is a Bad Faerie described as:

"Just when you think nothing else can go wrong, along comes a Grinling!"

Hopefully, although they are often very naughty, you won't think our Grinlings are too 'bad'!

Liz is based in West Yorkshire, whilst Ann has recently moved to the wilds of Caithness in Scotland.

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages, which contain pictures and pedigrees of our Queens and Stud Cats, details of Kittens available and expected, and links to our friends in the Bengal community. We'd always be pleased to get an email from you!

Kitten availability.

We have kittens fromVanda by Kalib and from Quikalso by Kalib.

Please email us for details, or visit our kittens page first.

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